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Do you offer group registration?

Thank you for your interest in participating as a group or corporate team.
Here is how the program works: 
  1.  The team captain will complete the online form at the Group/Corporate Link found below.
  2. Upon completing the form, and initial communication with RAM Racing staff, the captain will receive a code to share with the team members (used for online registration) and access to manage their team online. 
  3. Participants will register themselves online using the team code provided to them. In order for the registration to be complete, the captain must approve each registrant on their team. 
  4. All team participants must be registered and approved online three weeks prior to the event. Once the roster is complete the captain receives an invoice, if applicable. The invoice must be paid before any race packets may be released. 
  5. Packet can be picked up individually or can be packaged up for one person to up at group packet pick up.
Rules and regulations of group/corporate registrations:
  1. Teams must be 15 participants or larger.  A credit card may be held to ensure that the minimum is met.
  2. Teams must be finalized a minimum of three weeks before the event.
  3. Once a team is finalized there can be NO changes/additions to the Team.
  4. Payment must be made before packets are released.
Note: Entries are non-transferable and non-refundable once the registration deadline has been reached.

Group/Corporate Link:

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